Hahmot S - Z

(Salene, Slade, Tai-San, Trudy, Ved, Zandra, Zoot)


“ Don’t be so dramatic Amber, guys have dumped girls before and the world survived!” (1. kausi)

Salene: " Look at the way he's directing us with his nose, it's as if he’s trying to tell us something!"
Ebony: He's Bob, not Lassie!!


“ Why did you have to make up that crap about me dying? Now I've got Ruby making doe-eyes at me all day.” (Ramille. 5. kausi)

“ For a sick guy you’re pretty ungrateful!” (Ramille. 5. kausi)


“ The grass knows its weak and so it bends, the tree does not and it breaks and falls.”

“ Are you afraid of a little flower power?”

“ The only power that matters is the power to heal.”

“ All true paths have dangers.”

“ We're making new rules, we are whatever we want to be.”

“ We've lost two special friends, two fellow Mall Rats. Amber, so focused, so intelligent, was someone we could look up to; a natural leader. Zandra lived for pleasure, for beauty and for fun, and there are also good qualities in a person. We've learnt so much from both of them and we must carry that forward, into the future...” (Osa Amberin ja Zandran haudalla pidetystä puheesta.)


“ Come anywhere near Bray or Brady and i will scratch your eyes out!” (Salenelle. 1. kausi.)

“ Whatever you steal, Ebony, you can never have what we’ve got. This place might be in ruins, but at least we're decent. You’re just a tramp with a load of bully boys, running around after you. ” (1. kausi)

“ You heard me, you've caused enough trouble, if you don't like it here go back, no one will miss you." (2. kauden alussa Ebonylle Kotka-vuorella.)

“ And what do you get, Ebony?” (Trudy miettii voiko luottaa Ebonyyn. 2. kausi.)

“ I want… I want… Power and Chaos.” (Trudy liittyy Valittuihin. 2. kausi.)

“ Bray, don’t forget me! I’ll come back, I promise! Bray, I’ll always love you!” (Valitut vievät Trudyn pois veneessä. 2. kausi.)

Trudy: Excuse me Salene, but have you even made an appointment? I mean, what's the use of a private room if anyone can just come in like that? What do you want. And bear in mind, I'm extremely busy.
Salene: You must save Bray!
Trudy: I can't. Anything else? (Trudy korkeana äitinä. 3. kausi.)


"Manicure? Pedicure? Airhead cure?" (Sivan olinpaikasta)

Ved: This is too easy Jay, it's no fun when they don't fight back!
Jay: We're not supposed to have 'fun'.
Ved: That's your pholosipy on life do you know that!


“Are you saying I haven’t got anything better to do, than paint my nails?”

"But that’s my special soap!"


"No more teachers, no more schools, no more books!"

“Power and Chaos - it’s the only way!”

Hurjat: "Burn the books, burn the books!"