Jayn ja Trudyn vuorosanoja - 5. kausi

5. kausi 3. jakso. Jay on alamaissa.
Trudy: Hey I see you sitting here by yourself. Is everything okay?
Jay: Mhh. I doubt it. (Trudy istuu viereen)
Jay: Everyone seems to be looking for someone. People have been deleted, people have disappeared. It’s a mess Trudy. Even May somehow thinks I’m involved with Salene’s disappearance.
Trudy: But you’re not!
Jay: No. She’s upset and needs someone to blame. Just like Amber.
Trudy: Is Amber upset?
Jay: She’d wanna tell you herself. Look Trudy, you have to believe me. I didn’t give the direct order, I didn’t even know. I was a techno, sure. And that means I’m tainted. At least that’s what Amber thinks.
Trudy: Look, we all get mixed up in things, and held responsible even when it’s not our fault. I did. I never really understood what was going on, but when I saw how it wrecked people’s lives I was eaten up with guilt. Please don’t let that happen to you.
Jay: huhh. I can’t believe you’ve been involved in anything sinister. You’re such a good person.
Trudy: Well… I don’t know about good. Human maybe. Whatever it is that’s happened, if you want Amber to forgive you, you have to forgive yourself first.
Jay: I don’t know if I can do that.

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5. kausi 7. jakso. Trudy yrittää jälleen piristää Jayta.
Trudy: Jay.. How are you?
Jay: I’m okay. Thanks
Trudy: You don’t look it.
Jay: You know after we pulled off the cue against Ram, I thought everything would get better, that we would pull together a new start.
Trudy: Jay what is it? This doesn’t sound like you at all.
Jay: I told Amber how I feel. That I would want us to be together.
Trudy: And?
Jay: She rejected me.
Trudy: Why?
Jay: Bray.
Trudy: You can’t blame yourself for what happened.
Jay. Can’t I? I might have not pulled the trigger, but I sure signed his dead warrant.
Trudy: You weren’t to know! Ram deceived you about those prisoners.
Jay: Bottom line is, I caused the death of the man she loved, the father of her child. How could she ever forgive me for that?
Trudy: Let me talk to her.
Jay: No. No Trudy it’s pointless. Besides, Amber isn’t the only one I’ve hurt.
Trudy: Jay, stop this!
Jay: My own brother. And then there’s Ebony. Deluded. Bringing the monster back from the death.
Trudy: You cannot beat yourself up like this! Ebony has always been unstable!
Jay: But do I stand by her? No. Because I’m obsessed with another woman. All I manage to do is hurt the people I care about.
Trudy: Eh. You need to take some time out and relax. Now, I can’t perform miracles, but I can muzzle up a pretty tasty dinner.

Jay: Thanks Trudy, but I don’t think I’m going to be hungry for quite a while.
Trudy: Oh but you haven’t tried my pepperoni pizza!
Jay: Pepperoni?

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Myöhemmin. Juoni: Trudy on valmistanut Jaylle illallisen ostarilla.
Jay: This is just like the real thing.
Trudy: And why not? You deserve it. [Nostaa viinilasin ilmaan.] To -

Jay: ..friendship?
Trudy: Yeah. To friendship.
Jay: That was delicious.
Trudy: Would you like a little more of it?

Jay: I couldn’t. I’m full.
Trudy: Well we have to have a bit of a rest then, before dessert.
Jay: You really shouldn’t have done this.
Trudy: Oh why not? I enjoyed it. And you know, I don’t get too many chanches to entertain these days. Except for Brady’s birthdays. Mhehe.
Jay: Do you mind me asking… the father?
Trudy: Oh. A big mistake. Huge.
Jay: Sorry.
Trudy: No it’s okay. It’s all in the past now. Thank god.
Jay: But it put you off men?
Trudy: Not exactly.
Jay: Then why are you…
Trudy: Am I not with anyone? Well there was someone and he was very special. But he didn’t feel the same way about me. Story of my life!
Jay: Well.. You’ve been a very generous friend, and I wanna thank you.

Trudy: Well thank you! It’s very easy to be your friend. And you’re a very good and generous person too! Hehehe
Jay: Hehehe. This is turning into a mutual admiration society.
Trudy: Yeah, we should probably stop. I’ll go and get the dessert!
Jay: Trudy Wait. Before you go…[Nostaa viinilasin ilmaan.] To you. I hope you find the right guy very soon. And I just hope he deserves you.

Trudy: Hihihi… [nostaa oman lasin ilmaan, ja kilauttavat laseja yhteen.]

5. kausi 11. jakso. Trudy on nähnyt painajaista.
Trudy: yhyhyhy
Jay: I heard something. What is it?

Trudy: I just had a bad dream. I told you I’m such a weep.
Jay: Oh, come here.
Trudy: Yhyhyhy... He (Zoot) had Brady. He was taking her away and there was nothing I could do. Yhyhyhy.
Jay: It’s alright. I told you, I won’t let them.
Trudy: Do you promise me?
Jay: Cross my heart.
Jay: Here (pyyhkii Trudyn kyyneliä liinaan.) I think you’ve cried more than most will shed tears in their life.
(Tuijottavat toisiaan silmiin. Jay suutelee kevyesti Trudya.)

Trudy: Are you sure?
Jay: Yeah. I’m sure.

5. kausi 12. jakso
Jay: Hey you
Trudy: Hey... Wait, Brady’s gonna be up soon, I have to get up.
Jay: (huokaa)

Trudy: And besides what if all the others saw us here.
Jay: Would it matter?
Trudy: I don’t know. It’s just with all the stuff that’s going on at the moment. Maybe it’d be better to keep it as a secret for a while.

Jay: I’ll try. But it’s not gonna be easy.
Trudy: How can I be so unhappy one minute and so happy the next?
Jay: So you didn’t wake up and think “aaaagh!”
Trudy: No! Did you?
Jay: Oh no. (Suutelee Trudya. Käytävästä kuuluu jotain meteliä. Jay ponkaisee pystyyn ja ryhtyy pukemaan päälle.)
Jay: Trudy get Brady! Hurry.

Myöhemmin päivällä.
Trudy: All morning I’ve been wanting to find you. And when I see you there I’ve been starting to think this hasn’t happened.
Jay: Here’s the proof. (Suutelee Trudya)
Jack: Look you guys gotta see this…

5. kausi 13. jakso. Seuraavana aamuna vuoteessa:
Trudy: Isn’t it funny how you can know someone for so long and not realise they’re the one.
Jay: Yeah.
Trudy: When did you first realise?
Jay: Maybe when you first made dinner for me? Ahh I just wish I didn’t have to go and face Ebony. I could stay here whole day.
Trudy: Well, you just have to hurry back.
Jay: I will.

Vähän myöhemmin:
Trudy: Jay be careful okay. I couldn’t bear if anything happened to you.

Jay: Don’t worry. I will be.
May: Hey Trudy, have you seen… Oh, Jay there you are! Umm… they want you out there.

Jay: Right. Okay. I’ll be right down. So umm… (Trudylle) finish that rapport on sightings and give it to Jack.
Trudy: Yeah okay, sure.
Jay: Good. Thanks May.