Amberin ja Jayn vuorosanoja; 4. - 5. kaudet

5. kausi 9. jakso. Priden hautajaisissa.
Jay: I don’t mean to hurry you, but the kids are alone at the mall. That was beautiful what Salene said, about him being home.

Amber: He would have been home a lot sooner if it wasn’t for me and my wonderful principals. He’d be alive too.
Pride: No way Amber, there’s nothing to discuss! Not when Salene’s life is on the line.

Jay: You can’t blame yourself Amber. Pride only did what he wanted to do. And as for his principals, they’d likely be the same as yours.
Pride: This is unbelievable! When Salene’s life’s on the line, Ram’s too dangerous, but as soon as you want the power back on, hey let’s get him back here!
Amber: That’s a turn-up. Telling me not to blame myself. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to say to you?