Amberin ja Brayn vuorosanoja - 1. ja 3. kaudet

Juoni: Ostarinrotat ovat matkalla Kotkavuorelle. Amber on vihainen Braylle. 1. kausi.
Bray: Amber what's wrong? Tell me.
Amber: Figure it out for your self Bray.
Bray: I don't get it, I thought you'd be glad to see me. Is this some thing to do with me and Ebony?
Amber: Wow Bray you must be psychic.
Bray: There's nothing going on.
Amber: I saw the two of you together so don't bother lying.
Bray: When?
Amber: By the pool you were getting a nice tan, does helicopter ring a bell At all? So do me a favor Bray drop dead.

Juoni: Amber ja Bray Kotkavuorella. Lex antaa neuvon. 1. kausi.
Amber: Bray, Bray, so what you were just gonna leave without a word?
Bray: I thought it would be easier that way
Amber:Yeah well you would, you always found it easier to run
Bray: If you feel that strongly Amber then why'd you come after me?
Lex: Cause she's crazy about you isn't it obvious?
Amber: You keep out of it, it's nothing to do with you.
Lex: Maybe but I've never taken your advice Amber why start now? Look I don't know why you think he's in love with Ebony but you're wrong you're so wrong it's not even funny.
Amber: Oh I get it boys in it together. He helped you out in there so now you're returning the favor.
Lex: Look why don't we just quit messing around. Look at him why is he here? Have you asked yourself that ? If he wanted to run off with Ebony then why did he come back and rescue us? Cause he loves you dummy and you love him. That's your cue to kiss her do I have to tell you how to do everything?
Bray: I've never really listened to him.
Amber: Me either. (He suutelevat)